MINI Sightings

Seen a lot of MINIs this past week, saw five in one short trip from Balboa Park to Montgomery Field, managed to bag a couple of waves from those that saw me. Also a couple of new sightings here in the Valley, including a gold one that apparantly belongs to a high school girl here in Brawley. Much to my dismay, however, the gold one was sporting one of those awful bra’s, made the car look hideous from the front. I don’t get why someone would get such a gorgeous car and then cover up half the front.

I know the argument is saving the paintwork from stone chips and hence increase resale value but surely you buy the car for yourself, not so that the next owner gets a good deal. Also, in the scorching sun of the Valley, the paintwork is going be two-tone when that bra comes off.

[Hmm… having the words “high school girl” and “bra” in this post is going to make for some interesting referrals]