Paper or Plastic

Now this question is as age-old as the chicken and the egg but as my mind scours the internets for more details of the Veloster Turbo I ask myself paper or plastic? Manual or Automatic ?

Like many, I am from the old school of thought that if you aren’t shifting you aren’t driving. And certainly in mixed traffic there is often satisfaction from a quick gear change and a whirl of the engine to get you into the clear. But on the flip side I spend a lot, no almost all, of my weekly driving in stop start traffic and the shifting is no longer any fun. I dream of having an automatic that I can just nudge along with my right foot.

So as I think towards the next car I wonder if I should go with the manual, or spend the extra for the automatic ? Don’t really know.

2 thoughts on “Paper or Plastic”

  1. Heck go for the auto. Not like the old days when they were shit. Me I had no choice as the 500 Abarth doesn’t offer a auto and the auto version I drove 5 years ago in Holland was…eh.

    My Fiat is being built today…:-) with shipment tomorrow, so they say, then 16 days and it’s mine. Comes from Toluca Mex.

  2. Looking forward to reading about your experience. We saw a regular 500 in the CostCo parking lot at the weekend, wife was admiring it.

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