A few weeks ago I think I made the decision to sell the MINI. I say I think because it is such a great car to drive but after 7 years (plus 3 in the previous one) it is time for a change. It used to be that driving a MINI was a community thing but I don’t remember the last time I got a wave back from a fellow owner, the price of gas prevents me from driving the 150+ miles to join in any club events, so the MINI is just a means to get to my job each week, 130 miles away. I don’t have cruise control, the seats irritate on long journeys, there aren’t even any gadgets to keep me occupied.

So I am anticipating moving to a different vehicle in the summer. Now I must be doing something wrong because all the ex-MINI owners I know went on to Audis, BMWs etc but I can’t afford to move up, only down so we will see what I end up with. I’m currently looking at the Hyundai Veloster as a good mix of looks, technology and cost but I need to see just how poor the acceleration is. Of course nothing I buy will match the performance of the MINI but that’s ok, I seldom drive it like a race car.

Might yet change my mind, a few bills each month is better than a car loan, but for now I’m enjoying the idea of something new.

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  1. I hear ya…My MCS is up for sale as I’m moving to a FIAT 500 Abarth.

    Here’s what I found during a recent test drive…

    1.) Power range is good 1 tru 3 but drops of heavily after that.

    2.) Easy shifting but only 5 speeds.

    3.) Don’t like the height of the drivers seat and I had it as low as it could go.

    4.) seats are really comfy, plush italian leather with side bolsters, kind of Ricaro-ish.

    5.) limited visibility out the back.

    6.) nice fit and finish.

    7.) Steering is much quicker that I expected it to be.

    8.) nice big trunk and decent rear seat room.

    9.) feels spacious but cramped at the same time.

    10.) wonderful exhaust sounds that leveled off once on freeway.

    11.) Boise sound system but didn’t listen to it.

    12.) wimpy italian horn that sort of said “Scusimi per favore” (excuse to me please) If I get one I’m putting a some sort of blaster.

    Good luck in your search and selling. I’ve had mine at 3 different auto sites now for a week, not one offer…:-(

  2. As you know I’m in an Audi now and the last (GP) MINI is gone – but switching to a BMW to get more of the steering/accelerating fun while staying with the interior comfort etc.

    Good luck with your choices, there’s so many cars out there it’s hard!

  3. Yes, I’ve got to try to find a good combo for the price I can afford. If it weren’t for my plane building I could probably trade up but……

  4. Almost everything Hyundai is doing right now intrigues me. Especially the Veloster.

    For the record, I’m also hearing, first hand, VERY good things about the upcoming Scion FR-S. Rear drive, 200hp and about 26k in price. And a good driving experience. Not available yet, but might be something worth checking out if it fits your budget.

  5. That Scion sure looks nice, but my budget tops out at 20k so a non-starter. The Veloster Turbo looks interesting at 21.5k so I could be tempted to push over my limit but one of the things I like about the base model is that with increased mpgs and lower fuel cost I’ll save about $100 a month on fuel bills.

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