Bad MINI Math

My commute to San Diego on Monday was pretty bad, winds up and over the mountains must have been at least 30-40mph right on the nose. So it’s no surprise really that my petrol fill up today was pretty bad.

Miles driven: 260
Cost to fill tank: $50
Miles per gallon: 23.8

With Premium now impossible to find under $4.50 in San Diego, I really need to be doing better than that. I miss the days where I used to get almost 30.

4 thoughts on “Bad MINI Math”

  1. I have gone to using Arco/BP now but I really only like to use one brand, if possible, but Chevron is way too expen$ive. $4.50-$4.57 here.

    I’m driving one hell of lot less for sure but since Twisty died have little to do. Going to build a pergola on the patio with italian string lighting in the coming weeks, doing the plans now.

    How goes the Learjet project?

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