A New Pet Peeve

Maybe not so new but I am seeing a lot of this recently: people driving on the hard shoulder around ‘tight’ curves. So, a typical US-style clover-leaf on-ramp to the freeway, the driver in front of me takes it on the hard shoulder. And not just a little but all the way over. Now this in itself wouldn’t grind my gears but they take it slowly, so I am going faster than them and still on the road and I have to decide whether to overtake or slow down. I always slow down but I just don’t get it.

In other news I am 3 miles away from 123k on the odometer, never had a car do this many miles. Still going strong though.

4 thoughts on “A New Pet Peeve”

  1. What no they’re doing it wrong. The whole point of the hard shoulder on tight curves is so you can get a better line, so you can go faster. Not slower.

  2. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time… I find it funny looking back over some the stuff you’ve said about your MINI, good and bad and how many times you’ve said you had thought of getting rid of it….;-)

    As far as the cornering thing I don’t think that’s only in the USA as I’ve seen it in Holland, Germany, Spain and so on. Pisses me off also.

  3. Robert you are right, there sure have been times I’ve wanted to walk away from the MINI! But this one is a much tougher beast than my ’02 was *touch wood* If/when it fails I’m probably getting into an old pos as I have no money for something nice.

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