This Can’t Be Good

So I was driving at what I thought was around 50 when I look at the speedo and see it say around 20 and around 1500 rpm. This seemed real doubtful, especially since I was in 6th gear. When I came to a stop at the next traffic light I watched the needle go to zero, below zero and even more below if it could.

After I restarted the engine at a gas station everything seemed back to normal but I wonder if this is the start of a (no doubt expensive) sensor of some sorts taking a crap.

5 thoughts on “This Can’t Be Good”

  1. Can’t believe it’s a sensor; it’s two different sensors driving the speed and rpm measurements.
    Sounds more like electronics. Which might be even more expensive I suppose!

  2. Nah..sounds like it’s just the speedo unit itself, just lost calibration from the needle. Probably resets every time you start the car, and if not if you disconnect the speedo wiring in the dash (or the battery), it does a re-initialize when you plug it back in. Your trip milage will also reset to zero. If it keeps up you might want a new speedo unit but I bet it’s not more than 100 or so.

  3. Since I’m a Josh, I’ll assume that that applies to me too.

    That happened in my old Cavalier, the speedo cable came disconnected or some such. It was fun guesstimating my speed. Shortly before it shelled its transmission.

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