Driving Peeve of the Week

I’m driving in the inside lane (good British lane disciplined boy that I am) coming up to an on-ramp where, as usual, the traffic has about 10 yards in which to pull out onto the freeway. It looks like a vehicle is going to get there about the same time as me so I pull out to the avoid the hassle of speeding up or slowing down (people seem to have forgotten they are supposed to yield, not me).

I pull out, he comes over and now we’re side by side. I wait for him to accelerate past but he doesn’t so now I have to drive crazy to get by him (knowing full well that he will also accelerate) or slow the hell down to come in behind him. It’s a nice ‘reward’ for being courteous.

I’m sure most of the time the other driver just isn’t even thinking about the situation, and there are other times when they are just being a jerk, but it winds me up.

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