How to mount the iPhone in the MINI

I finally joined the ranks of the iPhone users last week and am loving my new toy, never before did I think that using a phone could be fun. But, despite owning about 8 mounts for my Flip camera, I don’t have a good way to secure the iPhone in the MINI. Right now it just sits on the passenger seat but one tight curve and it’s off onto the floor. Or worse, with the windows open I could see it bouncing up and out into the wild blue yonder.

So as much as I hate to buy yet another mount, looks like I need something. I know Ian has a convertible and an iPhone – what do you do? RB – you have an iPhone, too. And anyone else care to say what they use?

btw, the picture is of a mount sold by

7 thoughts on “How to mount the iPhone in the MINI”

  1. I have no in MINI mount but…

    I have 2 different protective cases. The Griffin √Član Holster and the Incase protective grip/cover. If I’m going out on a run/meetup thing I use the Incase. For other occasions, less activity I use the Griffin.

    I find my 1st gen iPhone a tad slippery, dropped it once, so the holster can be tricky when I try to remove the phone from the holster. The Incase is great. It actually saved the phone, a few times, while in Holland after a few flying grandson attacks.

    Whichever one I use I just set them in my cup holder.

    I have the Apple, pain in the ear, Bluetooth also. It died a week or so ago but Apple replaced it in 2 days. Not sure how I sound on it but all incoming calls sound great. Wish it was voiced activated though.

    Highly recommend the Power Support films. I have used both the anti and glossy sheets. Bitch to put on though. Since I got tired of having to wipe the glass after each “flicking session these work wonders, especially the anti glare version, to cut down on that greasy glass look.

    All in all I hate the holsters, covers and grips as they hide how amazing the iPhone is but since I drop things, I need them.

  2. I gave up on the iPhone as audio source in my MINI. A last-gen nano works best with my ice>Link: Plus, so the iPhone just sits in one of the cup holders. It’s still easy to get at, and the hands-free reaches (barely). So if you’re just looking to keep it from flying off onto the floor, what’s wrong with the cup holder?

  3. Paul, mine does with the holster or grip and they keep it nice and snug. I don’t use it for music as I use my old iPod Mini and my icelink/plus whatever thingy.

  4. My iPhone also lives in the cupholder – upside down with the wire coming out the top.

    In the GP, EDGE interference on the stereo is bad enough that I don’t much use it. When I do, it’s connected via a long stereo aux cable, and tucked in the pocket behind the passenger seat! That’s far enough away to keep it quiet.

    But like Brian, I mostly use my iPod for music – I’d love to use Pandora or similar all the time, but reception home-to-work is rubbish!

  5. Yes, you are indeed all correct (not that you needed my telling you that). I don’t know why I was convinced that it wouldn’t fit in there, but it does, and fits nicely so no need for any new mounts.

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