Minor Malfunction

This Friday when I went to leave work my fuel gauge showed totally empty, despite me having filled up that morning. I checked around the car in case the fuel line had broken, or maybe someone had stolen the gas out, but could see no evidence of any damage. There’s a gas station a couple of miles away so I decided I’d try and make it there and see if I could put any fuel in. About half way I was stopped at a light and decided that I couldn’t have gotten that far on nothing so turned the engine off and gave the car a good shake. Put the engine back on and the fuel gauge was alive and showing full.

Most likely a stuck needle in the tank (do modern cars still work that way?) but then yesterday I was driving around town and noticed that the needle was way below what it should have been, but after about 15 minutes it finally went up to what I thought was the proper mark. Hopefully just a transient issue or am I going to have raid the piggy bank for some repairs.

Talking of piggy back, I’m only about 3 months away from my Inspection II being due – I don’t even want to know what Brecht will charge for that.

3 thoughts on “Minor Malfunction”

  1. I remember having that issue as well a few years ago, and a handful of others also experienced it. I think it was more of an electronic miscommunication issue, simply turning it off and back on fixed it without moving the car.

  2. I had exactly this problem, intermittent. Dealer plugged in the diagnostic tool and determined that one of the two fuel level sensors was bad. They wound up replacing both sensors. The sensors are mounted with the fuel pumps in the tank. 2+ hour repair job.

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