My First Clubman Sighting

Turning into the street outside my apartment I spotted a super shiny Clubman S parked on the forecourt of a repair shop (for convenience to the local hostelry I think) – my first sighting in the wild. I didn’t really get a great look as I crept by but I must say it looks a whole lot better in the flesh than in pictures on the web. Looked real nice.

4 thoughts on “My First Clubman Sighting”

  1. The clubman is selling so well around here sometimes I think they are suddenly more common then regular minis. I’m always sure to give them an extra honk and wave as you know they’re brand new owners filled with enthusiasm!

  2. I also have to say that my initial hate for the wagon design has been turned around and now want the wife to dump the A4 and get one. And though I think MINI should have left the hatch door the rear doors are kinda cute. Rear vision still sucks and the pillar for the suicide door doesn’t help but all in all, it’s nice. I recently talked to a SCMM member at a DIY thing and they love theirs, plus they say they are averaging 34-36 mpg.

  3. We had between 5 and 10 Clubmans(?) at MINIsOnTop this weekend, they blended in easily with all the other MINIs

  4. Just ordered my new 2009 Clubman S. Very excited to be Motoring by mid November. At my local dealership they offer a Warranty for tires and rims. For $700 USD, I get 5 year full replcement for blown tires, dented rims etc. This warranty does not provide replacement tires for normal ware. Should I take advatage of this offer or pass?

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