Crazy OBC Readings and Top Wear and Tear

You have to love the optimism displayed by the OBC. Filled up over the weekend ($4.475 for those of you interested) and when I got to work this morning I had traveled approximately 150 miles and the OBC was saying I had 360 left in the tank. I’ve never gotten 360 miles from a full tank, let alone one where I’d already done 150. I’d love to see 400 miles on a tank, let alone 510!

What you don’t have to love is the, now, quite noticeable wear in the fabric of the convertible top. Both sides of the top have two clearly visible dots where the fabric has been worn thin by the underlying mechanism. At 61,000 I’m out of warranty (not that Brecht were willing to do anything about it when it was) so am faced with either a $2200 bill for a new top, or simply not using it any more. Neither seems that good to me. I suppose I shall trawl the forums for some DIY solutions, maybe I can do something to stop it getting worse?

4 thoughts on “Crazy OBC Readings and Top Wear and Tear”

  1. “maybe I can do something to stop it getting worse?”

    Sell it? Get a Clubman? Get an proper “S”? 😉

  2. yeah, been thinking about maybe getting rid of it, but if I did I doubt I could afford to get back into the MINI game 🙁

  3. I saw over at the SCMM forum by Travis or Tavis that you had theses thoughts. My ’02 MCS was a royal pain in the bum but this ’04 MCS had been spot on, well except for the blown engine at 22,000. That was caused by a Botts Dot through the radiator though and my insurer took the brunt of the cost to repair it.

    I’ve looked at other cars to see what I might buy but the ones I really like I can’t afford and get horrid MPG and nothing else really get me excited. I would never buy a Cab. Lack of space, lack of vision and the maintenance of the top would keep me away although we are looking at a Clubman which has really bad rear and side vision.

    Sorry to hear of your troubles and thanx for your purchase of a Twisty T. Still offering a place to stay here for MTTS.

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