Wishing Y’All a Good Time in Vegas

I had been toying with the idea of taking a day trip to check out the vendors on the Saturday but now I have a ‘social obligation’ to attend so that’s sadly out of the window. Instead I’ll aim to enjoy it vicariously through the blogosphere – and maybe that’s actually the best way?

3 thoughts on “Wishing Y’All a Good Time in Vegas”

  1. Sorry I missed the opportunity to meet you at my booth in Vegas, Baby! Other than my wife being stuck in bed with a nasty cold while we were there I sold a ton of stuff meet some really nice people and just had a ball, even had lunch with Elvis at my booth. I’ll post pics and story next week.

  2. Yeah, was sorry I didn’t get to stop by your booth but glad to hear the event was a success for you. I’ll be looking forward to the write-up!

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