28.6 MPG – woot!

I think it may have been the strong tailwind I had going home Friday coupled with no wind coming back on Monday, but I managed a whopping 28.6 miles per gallon on the last tank of gas. In the old ’02 MCS this would be nothing to write home about but in the convertible I rarely see more than 26 for my Brawley to San Diego commute.

Interestingly though, I put 13.1 gallons in this morning and the OBC said I had 19 miles left to go which would be less than a gallon left in the tank. Too bad I didn’t make the 400 miles, am yet to manage that on any journey.

Gas this morning was $3.56 and rising. Ouch.

4 thoughts on “28.6 MPG – woot!”

  1. Congrats on getting such good milage! I am a Mini owning Brit, but on the east coast – and even though gas prices are rising, I am happy I don’t have to pay what I used to pay in the UK 😀

  2. Congrats also. Now that your on MF’s News Room you’re gonna be a busy boy! 😉

    It’s much cheaper here for sure as my daughter who lives in Holland tells me.

  3. I got 24.8 on today’s fill-up of GBMINI#6 … but that’s in cold weather, mostly non-highway.

    However, I find it hard to reliably fill the tank; the different fuel entry of the convertible (?) means that pumps I use trip out regularly while filling 🙁 so I’m never quite sure if I’ve got to the top or not. Guess I’ll have to wait for a few more fill-ups to average it out (only done two so far!)

  4. When I do my MPG tests I fill up with the exact same gallons every fill up. Lately I’ve been running about 26-27 mpg. As gas prices go up my foot goes off the long skinny pedal quicker.

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