Drat, I Got A Flat!

Load the car up this morning for the weekly commute to San Diego and the front tyre is totally flat. I’m sure it will be no surprise to hear that I have no source of compressed air (and not even a football pump for that matter) so I sit here waiting for the nice man from AAA to come help. The car hasn’t been moved since Friday night and it was then, wonder what happened to it. Ah, there is a big nail sticking out of it…

My first time in 4 years of MINI ownership I regret having an S. Nah, not really. Though I am now wondering about why I ditched the run flats….

4 thoughts on “Drat, I Got A Flat!”

  1. SORRY TO HEAR OF THE FLAT. I always keep a can, or 2, of Fix-O-Flat in the boot. I also have a lovely compact inflator pump from griots Garage. I tired Pep Boys pumps and they don’t last long even though they are cheaper.

    As far as run flats go… a high end tyre guy suggested to me that it would be easier for a non high end tyre company to fix a non run flat so i changed. nicer ride for sure. My daughters MC has no spare as it came with RF’s. Why they would loose the spare is a question I had.

    S for two years i see this guy with a straw boater/skimmer hat at the SCMM party at Santa Anita. I wondered who he is. Come to find out he’s VANWALL for SD. Do you know him and were you there this year?

  2. Turned out ok in the end; the AAA guy reinflated the tyre and I got to the tyre shop just as it opened and I was their second customer of the day. They repaired the tyre and I was only 90 minutes “late” for work.

    Pretty much impossible to get a run flat out here in the Valley, would have to be ordered in advance, no good for when something goes wrong. Yeah, odd about your daughter’s lack of a spare.

    No, don’t know Vanwall.

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