Acoustic Fuel Warning

I got to check out all the programming at the weekend, it was very cool to be able to open the top from outside the vehicle. Took a while to be able to verify the acoustic fuel warning, though, and when the time came it didn’t sound. Looking at the invoice from Brecht I see that I said (and the advisor wrote) “customer states program car to sound (acoustic fuel warning) when gas tank is empty“. So I am thinking that the bell is going to sound when the car is empty? Not sure I need that: the fact that the car is no longer moving is probably indicator enough. Now I have to decide whether I really care about this or not; probably not.

7 thoughts on “Acoustic Fuel Warning”

  1. You’d think the warning would sound around the same time the light lights up to tell you fuel is getting low rather than when it’s empty. Just doesn’t make any sense the other way.

  2. Thats what the ‘acoustic fuel warning’ is supposed to do. But either they didn’t enable it or there really is a setting to sound the bell when the tank runs day.

  3. I think I’d chuckle if, as the car sputtered to a halt, a little bell went “ding!” right at the end. Sort of like “And…I’m spent.”

    It would be quaint, somehow. Completely unnecessary, but at the same time strangely endearing…but then that’s probably just me.

  4. I have the warning activated and what happens is this, when light comes on it blinks a few times and a chime is heard.

    This is either enabled or disabled, there are no other scenarios.

  5. GBMINI#3 behaves the same as Mark describes – but the bell is the same subtle one that sounds (once) if the temp is below 37, or (multiple times) for the seat belt.
    If you’re driving and have the stereo on, you probably won’t hear it!

  6. Can the ’04 have this programed? I would prefer a warning chime when the engine is getting hot.

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