Wiring Harness and RSS Woes

Update: I managed to find a fix for the RSS problems – publish it via Feedburner instead. Mark tried it, it works, and we are back on gomotoring.com. I’ve no idea why it works there and not directly from the WP feed but I guess I care not. Not like I work in the web application development space 🙂

The SRS light is pretty much on the whole time now and I’m pretty confident/hopeful that is to do with the wiring harness issue that MINI wrote to many of us about. Coming home tonight in the pouring rain I enjoyed a different symptom – the boot warning light kept coming on, usually when I accelerated. Then it would go off and come back on again. Every time this happened, the interior light came on too. It has to be a wiring deal!

In other woes, I’ve been delisted from gomotoring.com – wah! Mark wrote to me recently to tell me that my RSS feed wasn’t working on his site but I am at a loss to know why. I assume it happened during the upgrade to WordPress 2.0 but the RSS feed URL is working fine at bloglines.com and other places so I don’t know what to suggest. In the meantime I’ve been booted off. If any of you are RSS gurus and can see why my feed might not be working there I’d appreciate the info, seems like my traffic was largely due to Mark’s site.

5 thoughts on “Wiring Harness and RSS Woes”

  1. Unfortunately, neither of your feeds validates. I’m surprised by that, quite frankly… I figured WordPress would be on top of that. Dunno what feed types GoMotoring.com can handle, however.

  2. On my 2002 MCS one nite I was driving in pouring rain and the windows went crazy. Going up and down but not all the way down but just that bit it does when you open the door and the interior lites started doing the dim thing it does when you get in the car at nite. I took it in the very next day. The dealer couldn’t find anything. It never happened again in heavy rain.

    My 2004 MCS has had no problems, except that minor motor detonation at 25,000 thingy!

    I love these cars but from what I hear on the web they’re starting to remind me of the ill fated Vega.

  3. Hmm… the rss url rather than the atom one validates, or at least I thought it did when I looked last night. But yeah, surely wordpress should have this right.

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