What a sweep of vanity comes this way!

New Plate It took over 8 months but my plates finally arrived and I was able to assign them to Carrie today. It wasn’t without problems though. When it came to do the reassignment, the computer would not let it happen. At one point I was asked if this was a brand new truck – huh? Eventually a supervisor came out, took my plates away and didn’t come out for another 20 minutes.

New Plate Turns out that although the plate had been produced and was in our grubby little hands, it had not been entered into the DMV computer as a plate that could be assigned. So she had to reorder the plate to get it back into the system and then she was able to assign it to me. Clearly there were powers at work that did not want me to get this plate. But, finally Carrie has the moniker she was meant to have.

5 thoughts on “What a sweep of vanity comes this way!”

  1. I had a problem with the Cal DMV that lasted 5 months. I wrote letters, had the help of my bank & Auto Club. I finally wrote an email to the Govenator’s office telling him of my problem with the DMV and made a joke about him killing Sully. Within the day I got an email from the director of the DMV with apologies. My problem was solved in one day. I was amazed.

    BTW….Nice car!

  2. thanks for the compliments giacomo, she is a classy looker thats for sure.

    the plate is a bit of a sham though right now; since losing my job I haven’t done much MINIing or aviating recently but hopefully that is about to change.

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