Still No Plates

Its been 17 weeks since I ordered my vanity plates for the new MINI and still no sign of them. I went to the DMV yesterday to inquire and they were as mystified as I. They were able to confirm that they were registered in my name but could offer no reason why they hadn’t arrived. The manager came out and said they “never take more than 12 weeks”; well, clearly sometimes they do. They are going to investigate and probably order me a new set at no cost to me.

2 thoughts on “Still No Plates”

  1. No, not quite as bad as Massachusetts. I ordered my plates in late May, 2004. In late October I received notification that I could pick them up at the Registry, but the specific registry office was blank on the form. An e-mail requesting additional info revealed that they were not at any office in the state. So, a second order went it (supposedly rushed), and I finally got them at the end of January ’05, 9 months after the initial order.

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