Roundabouts – I Love ‘Em!

But it seems not everyone does….. traffic chaos in La Jolla. For those who don’t get it, the Tribune has even provided a handy guide to how to use them!


Reminds me of my first road trip to Sweden… coming back into Harwich, we drive off the boat, get out of the port and come to a huge roundabout. The car in front – Swedes in a Volvo (what else!) – immeadiately goes the wrong way round it. I go the correct way and of course we meet at the exit, we all laugh and wave at each other and I let him through first. As I turn off, I see at least one more Volvo come round the wrong way…. I bet the police love that roundabout.

3 thoughts on “Roundabouts – I Love ‘Em!”

  1. Not a lot of emphasis on that how to about yielding to traffic alreayd on the roundabout – although here in MA it seems that rule is irrelevant: drive slowly around the edge of the roundabout, ignoring all other traffic is many peoples rule 😉

  2. I remember a few years ago being driven around in Boston and being very scared at how my driver, and the others, approached the roundabout there. I think they are great for traffic flow – better than traffic lights every block, anyway. Does the MINI even go as low at 20?

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