35 mpg!

Well, not really, but last night on the way home to Brawley I had the cruise control enabled, a tail wind on my back, and the trip computer was showing a fuel consumption of 35.2 mpg and a range of 545 miles. Sadly, both the trip computer and the cruise control are somewhat mathematically challenged – even on an all freeway drive I have never gotten more than 350 miles out of a tank of gas and that worked out at about 31mpg. And the cruise control still wanders between +/- 5mph of what its set at, its definitely not set and forget like it is in every other car I’ve been in. But it does give me much better mileage than if I use my lead foot so I think for my twice weekly commute I shall use it more often.

5 thoughts on “35 mpg!”

  1. Did you get the v39 “emissions recall” update? It is supposed to smooth out cruise control – though I have not bothered to test that

  2. No, not yet. When I called to book an appt I was told they were booking out 2.5 months and to call again later when I had something else to do at the same time. I might try again, my ‘local’ dealer is supposed to be opening a MINI-only service station some time soon.

  3. 35mpg? Wow, that’s like Roxy mileage right there. I’m impressed! Even if the OBC does act a bit wonky, still 31 is pretty good. That’s my normal

  4. For my twice weekly round trip between here and San Diego I am usually getting about 27, only ever got 31 when I went to Vegas last year. But 27 is pretty good for a car that is fun to drive.

  5. I drive a Mercury Cougar. 4.6 liter V8 engine. That equals 23 mpg, on a good day. But gas is less then 2 bucks a gallon here, so there we are.

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