First oil change time

Since the car had almost 10,000 miles on the clock when I bought it, it was about ready for it’s first scheduled oil change. The nearest MINI service centre is Brecht’s in Escondido, about 130 miles away. I was very impressed with the setup at Scottsdale but figured I would see what Brecht was like before deciding whether to make the long drive east.

During the previous week, Sarah had come very close to overheating whilst waiting at the line for the car wash. The needle had gone almost all the way to the top whilst ilding; a speedy exit had fixed it. So I wanted Brecht to take a look at the cooling system.

When I checked in for the service, the rep was fairly off hand. They were too busy to look at the cooling system (even though I had told them about it when I make the appt), especially if I was going to wait for the work to be done.

I sat in their lounge for a couple of hours and was told the car was ready. They had done a quick check of the cooling but other than the fluid being low they didn’t see anything obvious (such as the fuse being out). I had gone less than a mile when the flat tyre light came on so I went back and had it checked out. No flats, so they reset the warning light and I went home.