The MINI got a good blow-out of the cobwebs this weekend – a day-trip to Santa Maria. Total round trip mileage was 736, and about 12 hours travelling time including stops and stuff. Whilst the sport seats aren’t that uncomfortable I was certainly glad to get out of them when we stopped. Sarah performed well, averaged 29.5 mpg over the trip and was, as always, a lot of fun to drive, especially on the LA freeways where the speed limits don’t seem to apply. Only saw 3 other MINIs the whole trip, guess you were all sleeping in?

More Stumbling, Not Less

Thanks to a significant decline in the number of vehicles at the house (we’ve lost two of the four this month to accidents!) the MINI became the weekend workhorse and got a lot of town driving. I don’t know if I’ve read too many posts on NAM but I swear that my stumble is worse post-ECU upgrade. Also, yesterday whilst idling at a light, the engine got quite loud and I could even see the bonnet vibrating. A few revs cured it but I was a little alarmed, not seen that before. Now, it was approximately 110F so perhaps that had something to do with it. Anyway, more reason than ever to get a new one but until we know what is happening with the wife’s car I have to hold off on the order.

Convertible Stylin’

I love my Union Jack roof and obviously I won’t be able to have one on the convertible so I’ve been thinking about what I can do to anglicize it. I have a custom side decal in mind involving the English flag but don’t know how I would ever describe it to someone. CooperFlags make some cool stripes and I found this neat rear window decal for the convertible. It says they will do custom flags so they could do me the flag of St. George. Question is: how would it look on a dark silver car??

New MINI Spec (really, this time)

Subject to some, er, financial review this weekend, here is the spec of the new MINI I hope to order from MINI of Pittsburgh next week. They have quoted a 6 week delivery time and free delivery to my place in Brawley, can’t beat that!

Dark Silver/Black Top MCS/C
Body Colour Mirrors
Convenience Package
Front and Rear Fog Lights
Xenon Headlights
On-Board Computer
Security System

Pretty much what I have now bar the DSC, auto a/c and the 17″ wheels. Oh, and the roof, of course 🙂 Feel free to tell me if I should have included something else, and why, in the comments.

I will add stripes once it arrives. I’ve even come up with a decent new vanity plate but shall keep it quiet lest one of you buggers orders it ahead of me 🙂

Back at Brecht

I called yesterday to rearrange my windscreen replacement and to my amazement they gave me a next-day appointment so Sarah is back at Brecht getting an oil change and a new windscreen (her third). I even got a BMW loaner, which is a first, though its an X3 SUV, very different from the MINI.

Whilst waiting for the X3 to come out I took a look around the lot. I didn’t see any MCS convertibles, only MC ones. Every car now had a $2400-$2700 markup so it looks like I won’t be getting my next MINI at Brecht. I did however see an MCS soft top waiting at the service dept that looked awesome: it was charcoal grey, blacktop and a black/silver stripe. That may be the combination I have to go for.

Big Brechts Bash This Weekend

Got a flyer at the weekend announcing the opening of the new MINI showroom at Brecht. This weekend they are having a bit of a celebratory bash and claim to have over 60 MINIs on the lot. I think I’ll pop over and see what they have. Perhaps they’ll leave their markup off as part of their celebration??

Update: If this car wasn’t black I’d be all over it!

I was thinking about changing plates for the new vehicle, something that combines the MINI theme and my flying. Best I could come up with was MNIFLYER but it is already taken. Got any better ideas – please leave ’em in the comments!

New MINI Getting Closer?

Been talking to people about the idea some more. My wife likes the idea, even my dad has given his approval! Every few months I toy with selling my Jeep but never do, despite the fact that its been driven no more than 200 miles in the last two years. So…. the Jeep is going to be sold and then I’ll be able to sell/trade-in Sarah to buy….

the final spec (probably)

Now who can I sucker into buying the Jeepster…..

Sarah Turns 50

This actually happened very late Sunday night, the odomoter rolled over the 50,000 mark close to my house. I’ve been carrying my camera with me for the last 1000 miles so I could take a picture but having only got back from England a couple of hours earlier, and not expecting to have to cruise the streets late at night, the camera was not in the car to capture the moment.

So Happy 50th Sarah, may we have many trouble-free motoring miles together.