New MINI Getting Closer?

Been talking to people about the idea some more. My wife likes the idea, even my dad has given his approval! Every few months I toy with selling my Jeep but never do, despite the fact that its been driven no more than 200 miles in the last two years. So…. the Jeep is going to be sold and then I’ll be able to sell/trade-in Sarah to buy….

the final spec (probably)

Now who can I sucker into buying the Jeepster…..

5 thoughts on “New MINI Getting Closer?”

  1. Looks great! The only thing I would change is from cloth to leatherette seats. I was hard set on cloth as well till I realized just before placing my order that the nice leather seats I had been sitting in the showroom were in fact leatherette! Not to mention the durability. But it is especially important with a convertible, as a little rain won’t hurt them!:) And all the pollen and stuff that will be blowing in, they’re the easiest to clean.

    Sorry you’re losing the Jeep. I love Wranglers. 🙂

  2. yeah, I love my jeep too but its just been sitting in the garage the last couple of years, she deserves to be loved by someone who will take her out on the trails. Even though I live in off-road country I just never seem to get the time or desire to take her out to the dunes.

    I’m going to go up to Brecht’s some time and check out some colours and interiors, not sure what half of the interior options actually look like. Good point about the leatherette vs cloth.

  3. I like your choice of the hard top – besides you save about $3500.

    I ordered a pepper white w/black top MCSa – no sun roof. In Los Angeles.

    Good Luck

  4. I have wet okoles on my Jeep seats, I like the idea of getting a set for the new MINI so perhaps the choice of cloth isn’t so important?

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