Electric MINI in 2008 – Only $59K

Hybrid Technologies, out of Nevada, is developing an electric Mini Cooper that uses lithium batteries and will be available next year for $59,000. The Hybrid Technologies site lists the MINI’s range as 120+ miles, but Frank Ziegler, Hybrid’s director of sales and distribution, apparently said it would be 160 miles. Assuming a gas price of $3 per gallon, you’d have to keep the car for at least 14 years to recoup the additional investment!

I think I’ll wait for the diesel version.

Argh – An Annoying Rattle

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been aware of a sound somewhat akin to breaking glass, or maybe broken glass being shaken, when going over the many rough and pot-hole ridden roads in San Diego. It sounds like it is coming from the rear driver-side corner but I don’t see any broken glass, or anything that could be making the noise. Tonight I took the jack that is strapped down in the boot out in case it was making the noise. No, still heard it though it was less obvious and less often. I’m at a loss as to what it could be, it wasn’t there a month ago.

Best MPG Ever!

Filled up today almost on empty having done 345 miles – worked out at 27.1 mpg which is pretty good for my Carrie. The OBC was for once pretty accurate, it was reading 27.6. The last two trips to and from San Diego were done at a pretty steady 70mph except when going downhill, seems to have given me an extra 2mpg or so.

The service indicator is indicating 13,000 miles to the next oil change and I am already at 34300 so its looking doubtful that I will get that done under warranty. I am going to get new brake pads over the next month or so, and maybe I will have them replace the top once, get some use out of the extra warranty.