Still motoring

Yes, I am still here, still motoring but mostly just work and back, though now the weather here has started to cool we’ll be able to use the car at weekends since we won’t die in the stifling heat with the car’s crappy a/c. It’s top down time baby.

The car went through 134k miles yesterday on the way home, it needs an oil change, got to decide where to take it this time. I’m expecting to be told I need front brakes but getting brakes done on this car is stupid expensive. But then again I suppose crashing into a canal because my brakes failed could be a bit more?

I’ve been doing a lot of travelling for work, in the last 3 weeks I’ve been to London, San Francisco and it looks like Tokyo will be next in November. I’m trying hard to get out of that one though.

Anyway, that’s about all I have. I’m drooling over the new Coupe, I spec’d one out for exactly $30k which I thought was pretty reasonable but I’m struggling to work out how to replace my 5 year old Mac Book Pro, replacing my 6 year old MINI Cooper isn’t an option at all.