A Post For Posting’s Sake

Yes its remiss of me, but Carrie got her first (almost full) Zaino treatment at the weekend and I have to say looked super smashing great for the few hours in between drying and moving again; the desert has a lot of dirt and sand [obvious statement of the day]. I’ve 303’d the top a few times and its looking pretty good, definitely slight wear on the hinge where everyone else gets it. But otherwise she is in great shape.

Its now been 7 months since I ordered my personal plates and I have hope that they will arrive some day soon. They were re-ordered at the end of November so we’ll see if “they never take more than 10 weeks” is really true (even though we already know that its not).


Sitting at the traffic light yesterday, behind a very old looking Trooper, top down in the sunshine. Light turns green and the Trooper floors it, the female passenger hangs out the window shouting something and making some gesture with her arm to us. Looks like I lost a race without knowing I was in one. My wife said that before the light turned green the girl shouted something to us but she couldn’t make it out.

Just what is it with these people who see the Cooper and want to race it? I’ve no interest in racing the car on downtown streets, or really ever for that matter. And against a battered old Trooper? Why do all these stupid rednecks in their SUVs and pickups want to take me on? I just let them go, catch them up at the next red light.

I do have to say, however, that the Trooper pulled away very impressively, not sure I could have kept up with it had I wanted to!

Christmas Presents

Carrie received a couple of items for Christmas: front and back licence plate holders, MINI licence plate holder screw covers, and a Union Jack magnetic decal. She did also receive a pair of chrome side indicator panel replacements but I realised too late that I already had them on the car as part of the chrome package, and when they arrived they weren’t what had been ordered so they got returned.

In other news, the mileometer turned 7,000 today, and I need to start calling Brecht to get the windscreen, air bag sensor and clock fixed.