Winter Motoring

Whilst gbmini and our east coast friends shiver, I was out today driving with the top down, shades on, music up. Winter in San Diego, eh?!

5 thoughts on “Winter Motoring”

  1. I wondered what you would be writing when I saw the title 😉
    Actually I’m quite happy with “winter” so far this year – rarely seeing temps down even as low as 20 and they are predicting highs of 40 again next week 🙂

  2. I miss the cold, walking around in the 30s at home for Christmas was great, and I bet top down wrapped up warm with the heating on is fine motoring! Its driving in snow that I really don’t miss from my time on the east coast.

  3. Here in Vermont it has been cool, but not really cold. I decided not to drive the MINI in the winter (because of salt), But last Monday I had the day off and it was a clear bright and dry 30F day. So I got her out, turned on the heated seat, opened the sunroof, and did a brisk 100 miles….sweet


  4. I used to work in Santa monica at a large design firm. A majority of the younger designers and interns were from Cincinnati School of Design. One day I took them all to lunch. The outside temp was in the 80’s, this in December, and they began to lovingly talk of snow driving, skiing, white Christmas’ and all that stuff. I asked them when they planned on moving back to the Cincinnati, to a person the answer was……NEVER!

    Then their talk swung to the reality of life back home…rusted out cars, stuck at home for weeks, heating costs, Blizzards, black ice etceteras.

    We left the Border Grill walked back to the office in 80˚+ weather, I never heard about the great snowy east again. Next day a few Cincinnati designers and I went surfing at 7AM. Last I heard, they’re all still left coasters.

    I’m glad to see some folks love that stuff as I wish more would leave my state and go back home, doesn’t seem to be happening though. 30˚- 40˚ WOW I’d freeze my cajones off!

    Just my observation not meant to offend anyone as I seem to do from time to time….RB

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