A Post For Posting’s Sake

Yes its remiss of me, but Carrie got her first (almost full) Zaino treatment at the weekend and I have to say looked super smashing great for the few hours in between drying and moving again; the desert has a lot of dirt and sand [obvious statement of the day]. I’ve 303’d the top a few times and its looking pretty good, definitely slight wear on the hinge where everyone else gets it. But otherwise she is in great shape.

Its now been 7 months since I ordered my personal plates and I have hope that they will arrive some day soon. They were re-ordered at the end of November so we’ll see if “they never take more than 10 weeks” is really true (even though we already know that its not).

5 thoughts on “A Post For Posting’s Sake”

  1. Zaino is wonderful – I clayed mine the day after I dri=over her home new and zaino’d it maybe 5 or 6 times. Such a shine!!!

  2. Odd I got all my different plates of the last 3 years DASMNI, AIRMINI, DAWGB & the last and final for this car…LTZMTOR in about 10 weeks.

    I’ve decided on Griot’s Garage for my clay and wax treatment.

  3. I’m sure CA DMV would say that my experience is not typical but maybe there’s an inmate somewhere who wants MNIAV8R for himself when he gets out and just quietly forgets to make it for me.

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