Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

Driving a distinctive vehicle has its drawbacks, if you piss someone off they know what car to mess with whilst you eat your Classic Single Combo. I had the same problem when I first got my Jeep, there weren’t many yellow ones out then and after the odd altercation in a car park I’d worry about what I’d find when I get back.

Now, I’m not an aggressive person but sometimes when you are cut up or otherwise inconvenienced on the road you need to let the other person know that they are a dolt. In particular here where I live there is a hospital nearby and the people coming out can’t see around the parked cars when they pull out: I have to swerve out of someone’s way or slam on the brakes almost daily when I go past it. In the old days, such incidents would be met with a wave “I’m sorry” but these days you get the glare, or even a gesture like it was my fault. Whatever happened to good old fashioned courtesy?? I know you can’t see and just have to go for it, but if you get unlucky and almost hit me, at least try and look sorry about it.

Time for a new MINI Club

I’ve been thinking for some time about not renewing my SCMM membership: the runs are seldom possible for me to attend, the focus of the club seems to be more about performance mods and racing, and after being pretty much dissed in Vegas by my fellow members I don’t think there is much social aspect to it either if you’re not in the clique.

Recently, the club has had a few teething problems and I allowed myself to get caught up in it, ending up copping some attitude from board members and club members for my questions and statements. Deciding that I don’t need to take part in that kind of thing I’ve taken myself out of the club and removed the SCMM decal off of my MINI.

I think if you’re in LA, like to race your MINI (on track or freeway) and trick it out then the club is probably pretty good, and I think the president, Don, is a fine fellow and will have it knocked into shape. But I’m not sticking around to see it.

In other news, there is now a burgundy/white MINI on the same street as me, one block up! I haven’t seen it close enough to determine whether it is an S or not, but that makes at least 4 other MINIs in this little town!! Very cool that there are so MINIs about.

Finally All Fixed

It took a long time but Sarah is finally fixed. Brecht needed to keep her in overnight but I was able to pick her up Saturday afternoon, all warning lights extinguished. It seems that the ABS module was not wanting to take the coding of the VIN so they waited a day and, as if by magic, it worked first thing next day. I also got the steering angle sensor recalibrated and new wiper blades. Good thing everything is under warranty, although with all the driving I did over the two days and the cost of gas right now I probably spent $40 on the repairs. Hopefully I won’t need to go back to Brecht until the next service/inspection which is in around 7000 miles.