Interesting 2007 MINI Options

By now everyone and their dog has configured a 2007 MINI or two on the new configurator, of course I am no different. Two things I found interesting in the options list: the folding mirrors are finally available, and you will be able to get a lifetime Sirius radio subscription, no notice of cost for that one.

Off to England on Thursday so this blog and my others will be even more dull than usual until I return at the beginning of December.

First Fault In a While

Driving home last night, I went to add some warmth to the air and realised I couldn’t see the climate controls, not any of them. In between the toggles and the radio there is a black hole of nothingness. A kind person on the SCMM board went out to their MCS and checked their interior lighting for me – yep, their controls and buttons are all nicely backlit, so it looks like I have a fault. I did actually notice this last winter but at the time decided it was because I didn’t have the brightness up, so I don’t know if this was broken day one or not. I do have Ian’s auto-up circuit installed so perhaps I broke something installing it (though thats hard to imagine). I will have it looked at during my Inspection I which is probably going to be Feb time. Will probably have to remove the auto-up beforehand, just in case.

Parcel Shelf Revisited

I’ve had the Euro Parcel Shelf in the MINI pretty much since day one but due to problems getting the screws and washer-thingies lined up with the shelf I never actually secured it, always planned to go back and try a few days later. Well, its a year later and its still not done. Question is, do I know where those tiny screws are after all this time?!

Damned Reverse Sensor Warning

I’ve complained before about the beeping of the reverse sensor warning, tonight it was annoying me again. Trying to parallel park in a space plenty big enough but its dark and cars coming up the hill have their beams blinding me. And my back window is filthy. I’m sure I have more space but the beeping is loud, at one point it is continuous which I assume means I’m micro-millimetres from hitting something. So I stop and begin an awful back and forth to get closer to the kerb (I am anal about how close I like to be). Maybe the sound saved me from breaking something? Or maybe it made me look clueless? I’ll never know.

Finally back from Tokyo, car is filthy from being stuck in the airport car park for two weeks (and $160 ouch!). Ill get it hand washed tomorrow by my favourite Mexican.