Maxi MINIs

The sun goes in and the MINIs come out!! I’m currently staying in Old Town, went for a walk last night, saw 4 MINIs parked within two blocks of the hotel. Tonight I went to Borders in Mission Valley, parked two spaces down from another red MCS, came out of the store and it was gone, but another red MCS was parking nearby. This one had a red checkerboard roof which I thought looked neat. I also saw a whole bunch between work and the shop. I haven’t seen many in ages but now I’ve seen probably 20 in a week.

MINI Sightings

Seen a lot of MINIs this past week, saw five in one short trip from Balboa Park to Montgomery Field, managed to bag a couple of waves from those that saw me. Also a couple of new sightings here in the Valley, including a gold one that apparantly belongs to a high school girl here in Brawley. Much to my dismay, however, the gold one was sporting one of those awful bra’s, made the car look hideous from the front. I don’t get why someone would get such a gorgeous car and then cover up half the front.

I know the argument is saving the paintwork from stone chips and hence increase resale value but surely you buy the car for yourself, not so that the next owner gets a good deal. Also, in the scorching sun of the Valley, the paintwork is going be two-tone when that bra comes off.

[Hmm… having the words “high school girl” and “bra” in this post is going to make for some interesting referrals]

New Immigration MINI Rules?

On the way over to San Diego this morning, stopped at the Border Patrol checkpoint and was halted. Said hi to the officer and he motioned that I needed to talk to the officer at the passenger window. Thinking that I’m about to get that cavity search I always wanted, I put the window down, say hi and he tells me that I am driving the wrong colour MINI, it should be a “grey” one, then he smiles and points to a silver S sitting in the staff car park. I laughed, told him that red is best and sped off before he could even think about putting on the gloves. So… all you would be immigrants to the US of A, get a grey MINI if you want to get that Green Card.

My MINI’s Optimism

I love my MINI’s optimism: last week I had driven about miles on a new tank of petrol and the trip computer was forecasting a range of 514 miles which would have given me about 600 miles on one tank!! Given that I have never gotten more than 350 miles, I wonder just what she is inhaling sometimes….