Car Warranty Spam Calls

I’m getting a lot of cold calls on my cell phone to do with expired car warranties right now. This is annoying because, well, at 80k miles I doubt I could afford a warranty even if someone wanted to sell me one and also because my cell phone number is only known by a handful of people, so who is selling my cell number (yes I am looking at you scumbag credit card companies).

Most recent call was interesting – apparently, my car had expired! Well, I can’t see me wanting a warranty in that case.

A Tale in Which a Decent Tank of Gas Was Had

Filled up my tank Monday morning before going to San Diego – 389 miles on the full tank of gas which turned out to be 28.6 mpg according to my calculator. I’ve never made 400 miles on a single tank but if there had been a gas station within in the next 15 miles I would have carried on and made it. One day, perhaps.

Oh, the difference in driving “style” between this tank and previous one was actually some favourable tailwinds.