Sitting at the traffic light yesterday, behind a very old looking Trooper, top down in the sunshine. Light turns green and the Trooper floors it, the female passenger hangs out the window shouting something and making some gesture with her arm to us. Looks like I lost a race without knowing I was in one. My wife said that before the light turned green the girl shouted something to us but she couldn’t make it out.

Just what is it with these people who see the Cooper and want to race it? I’ve no interest in racing the car on downtown streets, or really ever for that matter. And against a battered old Trooper? Why do all these stupid rednecks in their SUVs and pickups want to take me on? I just let them go, catch them up at the next red light.

I do have to say, however, that the Trooper pulled away very impressively, not sure I could have kept up with it had I wanted to!

6 thoughts on “Rednecks”

  1. I had a Trooper back in the 80’s. It was a slug. I had a 1997 4Runner it was a not a slug but not that far from it. I have never had an SUV taunt me in my MCS but have had a few try and keep up, on the hiway, to no avail. I agree street racing is dangerous and with the new CA laws expensive. I don’t do battle with people who don’t carry sharp swords and those folks seem to have had very dull weapons.

  2. Weird thing is that the trooper pulled away real fast, I really don’t know if I would have kept up had I been trying.

    I get quite a few invitations to race where I live. If you don’t have a tricked-out pickup then you’re viewed as an oddity and its a matter of redneck pride to beat the little ‘toy cars’. Usually they’ll just pull alongside me at the light, and a lot of the time they get to enjoy the Union Jack on my boot

  3. Don’t you live somewhere near Plaster City? I used to race their in the Plaster City 250…I think it was called.

  4. Yes, Plaster City isn’t too far from here, maybe 30 minutes on the back roads. Odd thing is that until yesterday I had never been there. Not that there is a whole lot, basically its desert and the US Gypsum plant.

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