MINI Configurations

More new MINI explorations….

I’d love to get this MCS Convertible but might only be able to afford this MC Convertible.

[Update] Or there is the hard top MCS to consider, too

What do people think about the Xenons? I have them right now and like the look of the new style but are they really worth all those extra $$?

5 thoughts on “MINI Configurations”

  1. The xenon’s are the only option that Roxy doesn’t have that I wish she did. The light is much brighter and clearer. The regular lamps are ok, but the xenons are much better. Besides, the auto-leveling is way cool 🙂

    Before committing to a MC, you really might want to spend a little bit of time behind the wheel of 1 first. The lack of power and torque vs. and MCS is quite noticeable and might be something you aren’t willing to do without.

  2. Yeah, I love the auto-levelling!! I love that they are self-washing too, though I am, of course, yet to ever see that feature in action.

    I am worried about the power thing. This morning I got cut off by some idiot who was going to stop me from getting on the freeway. Down a couple of gears, gave it some revs and I way past him and on the ramp. Felt good 🙂

  3. Geez, you’re really running the gamut with these. You can have a *really* well equipped MCS for the additional cost of the convertible… 🙂

  4. A good point, though the kind of driving I do doesn’t really justify a well equipped MCS, at least not in performance enhancements like LSD, DCS etc. I do however live in a place where it is perfect weather for 9 months out of the year (the other 3 being way too hot to venture outside) so I’d get lots of top down driving.

    But after all this thinking I’ll probably end up just staying with what I have!

  5. I also love the Xenons look – but I was disappointed with GBMINI#2 compared with (non-Xenon) GBMINI#1 that they did not give much better distant visibility.
    Sounds like you should set the goal of MCS convertible as your “perfect” MINI and plan for that in whatever way you can …

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