Back at Brecht

I called yesterday to rearrange my windscreen replacement and to my amazement they gave me a next-day appointment so Sarah is back at Brecht getting an oil change and a new windscreen (her third). I even got a BMW loaner, which is a first, though its an X3 SUV, very different from the MINI.

Whilst waiting for the X3 to come out I took a look around the lot. I didn’t see any MCS convertibles, only MC ones. Every car now had a $2400-$2700 markup so it looks like I won’t be getting my next MINI at Brecht. I did however see an MCS soft top waiting at the service dept that looked awesome: it was charcoal grey, blacktop and a black/silver stripe. That may be the combination I have to go for.

2 thoughts on “Back at Brecht”

  1. I can’t believe they are still marking up prices…and by that much! Teach them a lesson and order from one of the eastern dealers, many are happy to ship to the west coast I think for around $500, maybe less.

  2. Yeah, its unbelievable, and I read some LA dealers are charging a $4000 markup – no way! I sent some emails this evening to the well known dealers on NAM, already had an offer from Mini of Pittsburgh to get me one in 5-6 weeks and free shipping to my house!! Though its $700 more for a closed transporter.

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