More Stumbling, Not Less

Thanks to a significant decline in the number of vehicles at the house (we’ve lost two of the four this month to accidents!) the MINI became the weekend workhorse and got a lot of town driving. I don’t know if I’ve read too many posts on NAM but I swear that my stumble is worse post-ECU upgrade. Also, yesterday whilst idling at a light, the engine got quite loud and I could even see the bonnet vibrating. A few revs cured it but I was a little alarmed, not seen that before. Now, it was approximately 110F so perhaps that had something to do with it. Anyway, more reason than ever to get a new one but until we know what is happening with the wife’s car I have to hold off on the order.

6 thoughts on “More Stumbling, Not Less”

  1. well, the wife’s car was driven into an irrigation canal by her daughter after she went off the road. Very lucky to not drown, really, there are many accidents like that a year where the occupants are not so lucky. Hopefully we will hear what the insurance company plan to do with the car real soon.

    Ian: 110 sounds real good on paper but just walking to the mailbox leaves your eyes feeling like they are being burned from the back of the brain outwards. But at least its a dry heat 🙂

  2. But at least its a dry heat 🙂

    That being said, watch out for when you introduce a skoosh of humidity, even with lower temps. I’m finding that if the A/C is really cranking and it’s 80+ on the OBC, the I get the stumble, shudders and no power on take off. Even with the latest greatest, Roxy still comes almost to a stall at a light with the A/C on.

    And, really fellas, 110 isn’t that bad. Wait until it hits 115+. Even the hardcore lifetime desert dwellers will tell you that’s hot. And, dry really doesn’t help 🙂

  3. Hmm… interesting that you had to be approved there db, sorry about that.

    Yes, last year we never got to 115 but my first year in the desert had a few days at 120+, now that was hot.

  4. I dont know if you are interested in MTH, or if you have heard of it, but my 03 MCS had the same stumbling problem. Stumble developed at a stoplight if the AC was on, and it was harsh, EVERYThing shook. the Dealer could not remedy it. After installing MTH no more stumbling.

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