One More MINI Then…..

Things can seemingly change rapidly, my next vehicle will not be the Veloster Turbo but this Orange Spice 2013 MINI Cooper S Hardtop.

I went to the dealer last night, signed some paper work and came away with a production number. My advisor says he expects it to go into production today or tomorrow but right now it shows up as “On Order”. He estimates 7-9 weeks for an actual delivery. So I just need to keep my current MINI running that long without incident…..

Speaking of which I’m off to collect it this morning, can’t even think about how much the repair will be. Maybe I will then try to sell it though I am not sure who wants a 7 year old MINI with 152k miles on??

Anyway, I am excited to be going through the MINI buying experience again. The tracking available to the dealer has become a lot more sophisticated, can even tell me what ship it is on and where it is heading, but still no snapshot pictures of your car going through the assembly line.

4 thoughts on “One More MINI Then…..”

  1. Congrats! Cool! LOve the colour! Wish the ABARTH had cool colours. The FIAT wait was 8 weeks for me but now it’s into next February if you buy one now. They really could learn a lot form MINI those Italians.

  2. Please about this. Especially since reading the Motor Trend comparison of the Veloster turbo vs. the MINI Clubman S.

    What fancy kit did you order? You got H/K at least, right?

  3. No, did not order the Harman Kardon sound system, but I do have the Sport and Premium packages. Only other thing of note is the Universal Garage door opener (and mandatory mirror accessory). Oh, and as you might tell from the picture I ordered the dark headlight enclosure.

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