Poor Timing on the MINI

My motoring advisor had been pretty forceful in telling me I needed to make changes to my order quickly as it was almost certain to go into production “tomorrow or within 24 hours”. Of course I’ve been refreshing the Owners Lounge page every day to see where it is going and every day it has been the same:

So I queried my guy and he tells me that my order coincided with the annual summer shut down at the Oxford plant so nothing is moving there until the beginning of September. Argh!!!! So my wait is longer than I had hoped, just have to keep my fingers crossed nothing else goes wrong on my current one.

In other news, Teri and I were at a San Diego Hyundai dealer last weekend where we ended up getting a very nice 2012 Accent hatchback for her. I asked the salesman about the Veloster Turbo and he said that it was a mess, they expected one in October most likely. But then today over at the Veloster forums (yes I don’t know why I still read it) the daily dump of the Hyundai stock database shows they got a red automatic in yesterday. Seems bad when these things just show up and you can’t tell customers when or what.

One thought on “Poor Timing on the MINI”

  1. Gads…;-/ If it wren’t for bad luck you wouldn’t have any… I was struck by how useless my ABARTH tracking was. I’ve said this before, FIAT could learn a whole bunch form MINI. Hang in there.

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