Broke Down Today

No, not as in “broke down and ordered a new MINI”, but came to a complete stop on the freeway. Halfway between home and work, just before the Border Patrol checkpoint on I-8, I could no longer press in the clutch. In fact, it had retreated so far up into the back of the car I couldn’t even find it with my foot.

AAA eventually came (after a thorough investigation from Border Patrol) and $300 later they delivered me to my trusty MINI mechanic. He says he will check it out this afternoon and hopefully I can have the car back tomorrow. He quoted some figures for price, none of them very nice.

Now I have a quandary. I had absolutely decided to order a new MINI this week but if I have to put $2-3k into repairs I feel like I should drive it for a while longer, get my money’s worth. Then again, the reason for wanting a change is my acknowledgement that at 152k miles it is time for some repairs and if the super charger were to go during this “worthwhile” phase, I’d be pretty much stuck.

A first world-quandary indeed. And I blame Hyundai. If they had made their Veloster Turbo more available I’d be in a different car already.

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