Best MPG Ever!

Filled up today almost on empty having done 345 miles – worked out at 27.1 mpg which is pretty good for my Carrie. The OBC was for once pretty accurate, it was reading 27.6. The last two trips to and from San Diego were done at a pretty steady 70mph except when going downhill, seems to have given me an extra 2mpg or so.

The service indicator is indicating 13,000 miles to the next oil change and I am already at 34300 so its looking doubtful that I will get that done under warranty. I am going to get new brake pads over the next month or so, and maybe I will have them replace the top once, get some use out of the extra warranty.

2 thoughts on “Best MPG Ever!”

  1. Last fill up I did, the OBC showed 26.7mpg, but I computed it to be 23.2mpg. The best I ever had (on a long run) was 30.3mpg after 389mi, where the OBC showed 34.5mpg. My OBC is always very optimistic, and I’ve never seen the accuracy that you saw this last run.

    This is on my 2004 MCS.


  2. My 2002 MCS OBC was like that, hopelessly inaccurate but I’ve found the one on my ’05 to usually be no more than 1.5 mpg over-optimistic. 30mpg sure is nice!

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