Random AMVIV/Vegas Thoughts

  • It was 381 miles from our house to the Palace Station Hotel. We saw no other MINIs for the entire drive until we got to the hotel parking structure when, of course we saw plenty
  • Most interesting licence plate of the trip – BUGGERY on a (seemingly) disabled VW Beetle outside the hotel; maybe I should write the Nevada DMV and tell them what it really means
  • The Palace Station was a nice hotel but really lousy for people (ok, trashily-dressed chicks) watching. Maybe its better when not inundated with MINI geeks, though?
  • Did my fastest speed yet in Carrie whilst there – 105 in a 45 mph zone in the Death Valley park. Despite lots of warnings to keep to the speed limit in the park (min $300 fine) the group flew through it and 105 was only just keeping up. It was cool, but not cool.

6 thoughts on “Random AMVIV/Vegas Thoughts”

  1. The Palace Station, removed from the strip, is known, more or less… as one of the les desirable casino/hotels for tourists.
    It’s one of the many “local faves”. Hence, the lousy people watching aspect.

    It’s a lame hotel unfortunately.
    But, as you called them,…MINI geeks… are cheap.

    all of you were EXTREMELY Lucky to have not been nabbed in the parks. the enforcement can be … more than harsh when caught there. National Park laws.

  2. I was very disappointed when the group took off at a mad dash, and there were complaints made by some people at lunch about it, but I think (some) MINI owners will be MINI owners.

    In general I seldom drive above 80 so don’t get the need people have to drive 100+ At several events people were bragging how fast they drove to get to Vegas and I just don’t get it.

  3. They can brag but the proof would be in a ticket.

    Anyone who drives over 80 on the 15 between LA and Vegas is tempting fate. That hwy is notorious for taking the lives of the stupid.

    I can’t count how many accident’s I’ve witnessed on my travels back n forth on that particular road.
    I’ve seen ejections, roll overs, flips and pileups…all because someone was stupid.

    Most of those who push the law limits then brag about it are arrogant idiots anyhow…

    And they are the last to learn that owning a MINI does not make you a better driver, a race car driver, or anything comperable. Good thing these people cannot afford Porsches, Vettes or Vipers.

  4. Spyman… seems like you have a lot of hate, Peace to you brother. I do speed in my MCS but I am very smart about where and for how long. Never in a National Park, city or in traffic. I do enjoy high speed, not bragging just a fact for me. I raced in the SCORE Off Road Series, class 12, Mini-Mag it was called, for 10 years and loved it most when I was on the pipe! I don’t think all folks who speed are idiots but some could use a little common sense about where and when. Also, if you ain’t running 75-80 on I-15 you’re gonna get run over by a mom and her minivan, FACT! Try driving on the any of the AutoBahns in Germany. They run at tremendous speeds where it’s legal, as not all Autobahns allow high speeds as most think, and the Germans have fewer accidents than we do. Admittedly when there is a crash it’s pretty spectacular!

    MY thoughts.

  5. I agree with you RB about speed limits (well the point you don’t make) that going faster is not necessarily more dangerous. I think there would be less accidents if the limit was higher but its all about revenue than safety imho.

    But I totally did not like speeding in the Park.

  6. How do you read anything as hate?
    That’s a pessimistic view.

    Anyhow, if you read again I did not say 60-75mph.
    I am well aware of the speeds one travels up and down the 15.
    Does that make it ok?
    I am also a believer in the thought that a higher speed limit would decrease accidents somewhat.
    I spoke of braggarts and fools who find their speeding amusing and expect some sort of badge for it, there may be disdain and embarassment in my words regarding them… but not hate.

    Speeding in a national park is just disrespectful and would justify photo enforcement.

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