My Weekly Commute

Google recently released “My Maps” where you can create any map you like and share it. So, to give it a whirl, I did one showing my weekly commute. Check it out by clicking on this link, here.

5 thoughts on “My Weekly Commute”

  1. Wow, all I can say is wow! I work from home so I feel a little guilty. I even buy my postage for my products online and the USPS picks them up on my porch.

    One consolation.. ya drive a MINI. =:¬)

  2. Yeah, its not a bad drive, some stuff to see, some parts of the road require a little concentration.

    I do indeed rent a little studio in San Diego during the week. Used to be a stone’s throw from where I worked but now its a 20 min minimum each way.

    Couldn’t get your map to work 🙁

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