Custom Dial Faces

One of the vendors at AMVIV is Cockpit Specialties which makes custom dial faces like the ones you see below. I think this might look pretty sweet in Carrie though at $149 I’m not sure its worth it. Their web site says it should take 1 to 2 hours for a novice to install but when I looked I saw too many things that said ‘danger’ for me to want to try. I wonder if they’ll be doing installs at the event….

1 thought on “Custom Dial Faces”

  1. Several Cockpit Specialties dealers will be at AMVIV and doing installations, e.g. I’m waiting for the black Nav/Chrono version to become available. The stock glittery silver gauges are so much of a mismatch for an anthracite interior. I will also be painting the trim rings anthracite.

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