Wind Deflector “Install”

Earlier I wrote that selling my Jeep gave me some cash for a new head unit but I changed my mind and bought the wind deflector instead. I’d had always balked at it because it’s damn expensive and seems like it should have come with the car, but everyone says it makes a huge difference. If you want one, ebay is the place to get it. I got mine shipped for $70 less than the pre-tax price at Brecht.

Installing it is easy, snaps right in and out. I haven’t tried it out yet though – last weekend the winds were howling and the top was firmly in the upright position. I think it will be great on the Death Valley run at AMVIV.

Pictures after the jump.

It comes in a handy carrying case:

wind deflector carrying case

And looks pretty good from the back, with the chequered flag showing:

wind deflector rear view

You can’t see the flag from the front:

wind deflector front view