The Heat Returns

The heat is back in Brawley-town, 98F indicated on the OBC this afternoon. In weather like that you need those windows closed fast and I’m pleased to say that the auto-up circuit is back in the auto. I am so pleased I was able to get it back in one piece.

But heat means I need air and Carrie doesn’t do a/c very well. A big problem, I think, is that the driver side vents blow directly into the steering wheel and the indicator/wiper stalks making it so I don’t get the benefit. Maybe I should move the steering wheel up or down a bit and see if that helps. The volume of air isn’t too bad when moving on the freeway but slow traffic in town can quickly lead to over heating (me, not the car). Closing the passenger side vents definitely helps but I don’t always remember to do that.

AMVIV is almost here, we’re leaving on Thursday for Vegas. Sadly our route doesn’t meet up with any of the clubs’ so we’ll be solo probably the whole way there. We have tickets for Phantom Thursday night and then we’ll join everyone for the Death Valley run on Friday. Looking forward to spending some time away.