New car fever has subsided and given way to mod fever! First off, this weekend I received the Blitzsafe adapter that will allow me to run my iPod through the stereo. The head unit in my MINI has no aux input so the only other option is to use the FM transmitter (which I have and it sucks). But this adaptor connects to the CD changer port and gives you RCA leads to play with. Tonight I will go to Radio Shack, buy a long RCA to stereo headphone jack cable and my iPod will be kicking it.

This weekend I’m getting Sarah dyno’d to see just how much power she really has. I’ve read that stock MINIs can have as much as 15hp difference between them and I’ve long felt that my S is not as powerful as others. This weekend we’ll find out (if CA hasn’t been washed away by then).

And then in two weeks time I am having the pulley replacement and the Alta cold air intake installed. Its going to be like a whole new car.

6 thoughts on “Mods!”

  1. Well, it was more that my bank account got over my new car desires. I can do some mods for a lot less than the cost of a new MINI, much as I would like one. And with the change of having to make many trips to England in the next few months I need the cash on hand.

  2. Why would you spend nearly twice the cost of the AUX-in adapter to get the same functionality? has the AUX-in for less than $40… Just curious…

  3. Two reasons: First, I never knew about it until you mentioned it. Second, and most importantly, I have an ’02 with the factory radio and there is no aux input on the head unit to attach a device to. The product page at outmotoring says “IMPORTANT** This does not work with any 02 MINI’s that have the factory radio installed, sorry!” AFAIK the Blitzsafe adaptor is the only way to get aux-input like functionality in an ’02. And so far its working pretty good.

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