(Not) A Breath of Fresh Air

I was parked at the airport last night, waiting to go up with a friend when a silver MINI pulled up alongside me and motioned for me to chat. The driver wanted to ask me a question: with the auto a/c package is there any way to vent the outside air into the vehicle. This is probably the one truly annoying feature of my MINI: the answer is no. I’ve asked online, I’ve asked service advisors and it seems like with the auto a/c there is no way to vent outside air without it being heated or cooled before it gets to me. If I buy another MINI it definitely will not have the auto a/c feature.

Of course, if anyone knows that it can be done, please tell me!

3 thoughts on “(Not) A Breath of Fresh Air”

  1. Yes, truly annoying! Even if it’s off it blows smokin’ hot which doesn’t do any good. This is one of many reasons why my next MINI won’t have the autoAC

  2. As long as the temp that is selected is cooler than it is outside, and the AC is not on, you will be getting untouched outside air! I never understand the bad press of the auto AC. 🙁

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