Heavy Rain and Bald Tyres = No Fun

Was going to post about my scary experience coming home last night by you can read db’s account of the very same thing. I really felt like I wasn’t going to get up the hill, had fears of sliding back down into the traffic. Shortly after I got out of the mess my flat tyre light came on but I pulled over and they were all fine.

I’ve haven’t had these tyres long so I am disappointed they haven’t lasted very long but I think the wheels are in desperate need of an alignment and I am sure that had a lot to do with it. So I am off to the tyre place this morning to swap them for new ones. Maybe I’ll have the back ones rotated to the front too?

2 thoughts on “Heavy Rain and Bald Tyres = No Fun”

  1. I have to visit the alignment doc too! Definitely have them rotate the rears to the front and have the new ones put on the rear. Then, in about 5K miles, repeat and balance. Scary tho huh? Kinda glad I’m not the only once 😀

  2. Well I have 4 new tyres. Turns out the back ones were worse than the front!! The guy showed me an area on the back where the metal was starting to show through, he said I was maybe days from a total failure. Oops. The new tyres are slightly wider than the old but still within what fits. And I get free rotations and balances so you can be sure I am taking more notice of my tyre health in the future.

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