(Sticker) Shock and Awe

So at the dealer Friday I’m sat minding my own business, reading the BMW-oriented magazines (golf and resort living) when I catch a piece of a conversation taking place in front of me. What I heard was “ninety-two thousand”. Looking up, the male half of the couple says thats more than he wants to pay and could he look at the 3-series instead. Minutes later he’s sat in the car (a lunking BMW convertible) telling his partner that this is the one he really wants. She says he should have it. Later on I walk over and check. Yes, that car had a sticker price of $92,000. Talk about shock and awe.

In other news, it is reported that Brecht’s have eliminated their market value markup on the new MINIs on their lot. Although I’ve kinda decided to stick with my baby I might go take a look see, if they had exactly what I want I could be swayed….

One of the reasons for staying with Sarah is I think she looks about as good as a MINI can get, the chili red, the stripes with JCW signature, the flag roof. There’s seldom a day where someone doesn’t compliment me on it. The convertible MCS wouldn’t ever look that good.

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