Headlight Fixed

I was able to get Sarah into Brecht’s yesterday afternoon, had to drive in hideous conditions to get there, plenty of wrecks off to the sides all the way up I-15. Many people have told me that Xenon bulbs just don’t break but my MINI is special and thats what it turned out to be. Fortunately they had a spare lamp and I was fullly lit (so to speak) in a couple of hours. I’m glad I am still under warranty – the bulb was $190!

Coming back along the 125 that connects 52 to the 8, there was so much rain on the road that I could feel Sarah almost continually aquaplaning/hydroplaning and the DSC light was coming on almost all the time. It was very unpleasant. I think I may need to replace the front two tyres (again, they are new last summer) for better traction.

2 thoughts on “Headlight Fixed”

  1. Right now I have runflats on the back, regular on the front. I think its more of a tread issue, the front ones have worn really badly (I need an alignment I think), the back ones still look like new. I’m also getting some vibration in the steering wheel at 75+ which makes me think I need new tyres.

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